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Can I get real with you for a minute? Being pregnant is really hard. Don't get me wrong, I could not be more thrilled to carry this baby, and feel his kicks, and to see all the insanely miraculous things my body is capable of on a daily basis. It truly is amazing. I know so many people who are having or have had a hard time getting pregnant, so please don't think for a second I don't realize how lucky I am.

But, at the same time, my body is completely out of my control. From passing out on a plane due to low blood pressure, to not being able to push myself as hard in workouts without getting really dizzy, to having to constantly eat to not feel nauseous (ugh, I'm soooo sick of snacking!), to watching cellulite pop up on my legs where it has never been, and see the scale go from creeping up in numbers to just leaping daily. Everything seems so out of place, and there's really not much I can do about it other than continue to eat well, stay as active as I'm able to, and try to keep a sense of humor about it all.

It sounds like such a whiny complaint, since I know that so many people go through muuuuuch rougher pregnancies than me, but it's kind of hard not to lose your identity in maternity clothes that are all made for people who only wear flowy neutrals and empire waist tops (and these look amazing on some people! They're just not "me"). High waist black jeans and array of crop tops has been my go to over the past few years. Bright colors and patterns have kind of been my signature. With my waistline completely gone, it's honestly been hard to "feel like me" over the past 7 months. At one point, my husband found me in the target maternity section looking completely defeated and almost yelling, "I'm going to cry if I have to buy another neutral colored shirt! And you can put one of these flowy long tunic tops on my cold, dead body!" Dramatic? 1000%, but hormones are crazy things, people. And the sentiment isn't that far off. (Again, some people look SO good and effortless and stylish in these; I just look like I'm playing the role of a character that is not me.)

That's why I was so excited when PinkBlush reached out to me to feature one of their maternity items on the blog. Color! Texture! Dresses that I'd actually want to wear postpartum! After going through lots of options deciding if I should go with a very practical blouse, or something with a little more pizzaz, I obviously settled on the latter, with this gorgeous pink velvet gown. But, for real, how could I turn this down?!

PinkBlush actually has a great array of casual itemsactivewear, and fancy maternity dresses in maternity and non-maternity styles alike. (And, no, it's not all pink!) There are lots of pieces that would be just perfect for a shower or maternity shoot. Something that makes them unique is that they make tons of items that fit you from pre-pregnancy, through your whole pregnancy, and postpartum as well. This dress doesn't have side panels, so I love the idea that I can wear it even when I don't have a giant belly too! If you aren't pregnant, be sure to check out their non-maternity stuff too. They have lots of cute sundresses I'm already eyeing that will be perfect for a post-baby body this summer and for years to come.

In thinking of where I wanted to shoot such a gorgeous dress, one place came to mind: Stock Hill, an amazing steakhouse that is perfectly modern and classic all at the same time. I mean, what better place to make a pink velvet dress pop than in front of a green velvet couch? From food to decor, they are always killing it and it's my and my husband's favorite place to stop by for a nightcap (or mocktail) and dessert or snacks, especially if we're all dolled up.

I'm also looking forward to donning this dress again next week at KC Fashion Week (stay tuned for more on that!) and into the future as well. Thanks again to PinkBlush for this lovely gift  of a gorgeous dress, and maybe more importantly, helping me regain a little of my fashion sanity.

And thank you, if you came here and read through this post. I love taking happy, fun photos, but sometimes it's also really nice to get things off your chest!


Outfit Details: 
Dress c/o Pinkblush
Silver Shoes (similar)

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