Green Machine

In case you haven't guessed, yes, I do have Irish in my blood (I mean, look at my skintone), but I also love St. Patrick's Day because I just love a good theme. Green is such a bright, happy color, that I usually wear garish green outfits the whole week leading up to the day. However, this year, in my current pregnant state, there's not a whole lot in my wardrobe that fits, and I didn't really want to buy a maternity shirt just for the occasion. 

Enter this green bodycon dress I pulled out of storage. It may not show off my waistline in the same way it used to, but I think silhouette-hugging shapes are super fun to show off my growing bump! I've just hit 30 weeks, so I'm in the home stretch now, but I've also got a couple of months to go!

For a little sprinkle of gold, I paired the dress with hammered gold earrings, which are the perfect mix of vintage and trendy, and nod to the whole pot of gold theme as well. 

Is there a more perfect place to snap pics of a floral green dress than in an actual greenhouse? Cafe Equinox, a new coffee shop located within Family Tree Nursery, an extensive lawn, garden, and plant center that we can't wait to go back to when we're ready to plant for spring. You can grab your coffee and sit right by the cafe, or there are tons of tables and chairs in the greenhouse itself. 

For a cold, windy day, this was the perfect little tropical escape in the middle of Kansas City. And, it's getting me in the St. Pat's spirit!

Unfortunately, this exact dress is sold out, but I've linked some of my favorite bright green floral dresses below. I'm also all about gold hammered earrings, which I've also linked my favs of below!

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