(Sun)sets on the Pier

Well, we’ve come to the final chapter of my Pensacola trip. If you missed the others, be sure to check them out:  Part 1: Mint Ruffle SwimsuitPart 2: Tropical Paradise, and Part 3: When Life Gives You Lemons.

I saved the photos we took on the last night at the pier for last. I thought maybe I’d get lucky and have one or two blog posts from my Florida trip but, because my friends are amazing, (special shout-out to my photographer extraordinaire Megan) I had a bunch of super cool beach pics to share!

Though we grocery shopped for breakfast and lunch foods and prepared those meals on our own, we went out for dinner every night and it was so fun to relax on the beach all day and get a little gussied up every night. On the last night before dinner, we stopped by the main pier before dinner and soaked in the view of the rest of the beach. It was windy as heck, but worth it to walk down, especially on our last evening there.

I cannot get enough co-ord sets and I’m especially in love with this dramatic floral number, which I knew I had to take on this trip. Don’t get me wrong, I love wearing it around KC too, but there’s something about wearing beachy cut tops and fabrics in tropical climates that just feels so right. 

I paired the set with some really fun earrings from local Kansas City designer, April Madden. She makes these earrings in lots of bright colors and makes pairs much larger than this too. I thought they would be perfect for a laid-back beach look and, yep, I was right.

Hope you enjoyed my Pensacola series! I still can’t get over the gorgeous natural backdrop I had at my disposal all day every day.

Next stop for blog posts: Barcelona!!


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Tropical Co-ord (similar here)

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Pastels at Caffetteria

I've been traveling a lot lately (Europe posts to come soon, I promise!), but this blog is at heart a Kansas City blog. Since my summer is basically wide open now, I'm excited to relax and explore my home city and share some of my favorite spots with you. And Caffetteria, a new restaurant in Prairie Village, is one of my favorite new spots! It's a huge cafe with entrees, baked goods, and even a small market with local items for sale.

I mean, JUST LOOK AT THIS PLACE. From the colorful wall dividers to the retro-print wallpaper and even the stylized logo, everything is speaking my language: as a designer (my day job), as a fashionista (my hobby) and as a foodie (my other hobby). And the answer is, yes, I did dress to coordinate with the decor. What can I say, I love a good theme?

Ok, obviously I am 1000% in love with the bright, cheery retro aesthetic this cafe has going on, but my love for it doesn't end there. The food is healthy, fresh, and delicious! I got the poke bowl, which was really good, but I can also vouch for the sandwiches and grain bowls there. It may be new, but I may have already been there a few times (maybe twice in one week?).

There's also tons of outdoor seating as well, if you're able to find a time to drop by when the temps aren't going to scorch you. One thing I will say is for with a fast-casual atmosphere (you order at the front and bus your own tables), the prices are a little more than you might expect. An average entree will run you about about $14. But, you do get what you pay for: fresh, delicious original food. Just don't go in expecting a $5 meal (but you could grab a bakery item for less!).

Have you been to Caffetteria yet? Let me know what you thought about it in the comments! And maybe see you there soon!

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Denim Skirt (very similar)
Slides (similar)

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When Life Gives you Lemons

Pensacola Trip Part 3 here! Be sure to also check out Part 1: Mint Ruffle Swimsuit and Part 2: Tropical Paradise if you haven't yet. If you have, you probably know by now that I recently went on a trip with friends to celebrate turning 30, it was an awesome time, and I ended up getting some pretty great photos with lots of help from my friends.

In case you haven't noticed, I'm a pretty fair-skinned person, so even though I slathered on sunscreen and spent most of the time under the umbrella, there was one afternoon I got some sun in a weird, splotchy way on my legs, so if they look all weird and red, it's, uh, because they were. 

Strange sunburn aside, I am so in love with this swimsuit I got for the trip! Lemon print is everywhere right now and is just so happy and cheerful, and I was excited when I found this lemon print suit that also had ruffles and fun strappy details. I paired it with a sun hat, which I wore equally for style and to shield my pale, pale skin.

I'm the first to admit I'm not really a "beach person" (see pale skin comments above), but this trip ended up being so fun and relaxing, and I still can't get over the stunning natural background of those white sand beaches and gorgeous teal water.

Also, please enjoy this last blooper shot! My friends were laughing and telling me to turn around, and I thought I had something stuck to me, but when I turned around and saw the new addition to my photoshoot, I cracked up! Thought I'd give you the courtesy of getting in on some of the fun behind-the-scenes action too!


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Sunhat (similar)
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Tropical Paradise

If you follow me on Instagram (which you should!), you probably know I've been in Europe for the past couple of weeks. However, before that I was in Pensacola with girlfriends celebrating our collective 30th birthday! My trips were so close together, I never had time to sort through and post photos from this trip! So, I'm taking us back in time and we're going to go through everything in chronological order now. Hope that's cool with you. To see my last Pensacola post, click here.  

I mentioned this before, but I am so lucky that my friends are amazing, just in general, but they were also amazingly supportive of my photoshoots. I took a couple of outfits to shoot in case we got time, and they went all in on shooting and coming up with location ideas. These pics were taken on the way to dinner in the parking lot of our condo. This was a decorative burm on the edge of the parking lot that I hopped up on. How magical does it look, though? If a parking lot in Pensacola looks like this, think how beautiful the rest of the city is!!

We had a really fun girly time getting ready for dinner and all borrowed each other's hair and makeup products, swapped earrings, and drank wine (non-alcoholic for the pregnant one :) ). It was so fun to spend time with friends I've been close with since at least middle school. It was honestly just good for the soul. We've moved all over the country, but I think after this trip, we're planning to make it an annual tradition. Though next time we think we'll invite our significant others so they can carry the coolers down to the beach for us!!

Do you ever take girls' trips? Where are some of your favorite places to go? Let me know in the comments!


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Jumpsuit is sold out, but similar ones here and here
Earrings (similar here)

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Birthday Stripes at Ça Va

GUYS I'M 30 TODAY!!!!! I refuse to be one of those people who "turns 29" every year for the rest of my life. I love how much I learn and grow each year, and I'm honestly loving getting older and sliiiightly wiser as time goes on.

I feel like with every passing year, I love myself a little more, I treat my body a little better, and I get better about treating others around me with more kindness. I'm also currently physically stronger and healthier than I've ever been. I mean, I'm far from having it all figured out, but that's why I've still (hopefully) got a long life ahead of me.

As a little birthday celebration, my husband took me to one of our very favorite champagne bars and overall favorite bars, Ca Va in Westport. It's our go-to place if we're feeling fancy and celebratory or if we've been working around the house and scandalously decide to go out on a Thursday at *gasp* 9 pm.

It's pretty great because it's tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Westport, but still has a lot going on. We love the live music on Thursdays and the outdoor patio now that the weather is nice.

I would recommend that you most definitely get the duck fat kettle corn and the frites. The croque-madame is also out of this world. If you're stuck on what to drink, just order the Prosecco on tap and I swear you won't be disappointed.

We've been hearing a lot about the orange wine craze, and decided to give a couple of orange wines on their menu a try, and they were both delicious! They call them "skin contact wines" on their menu if you want to try one yourself!

For a celebratory look, I paired a tie-front rainbow top (cannot get enough rainbow stripes rn!) with a black ruffle skirt, so I felt like a mix of the dancing emoji lady and the rainbow emoji. I've linked all the outfit details at the bottom of the post. Oh, and the top does have pants that match it too. They didn't flatter the shape of my hips, so I didn't get them, but it would be super awesome to wear the two pieces as a set if they fit.

Thanks for stopping by and celebrating with me!!


Rainbow Tie-front Top (matching pants here)
Black Ruffle Skirt (Runs large! An XS was still a little looser than I would have liked)
Black Espadrille Wedges (similar)

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