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A couple of weeks ago, we had our first baby shower,  thrown my my husband's family in Illinois. From the lovely tearoom setting, to the adorable space theme found in decor, cookies, and bath bombs, to the wonderful people that equipped up with all sorts of helpful baby stuff, it was so much fun! We now have a dining room that's out of commission because it's filled with all sorts of items for baby. We're hoping to get it all into the nursery within the next few weeks!

If you follow me on Instagram, you may already recognize this dress, which I got in an ASOS maternity haul, where I had people vote on which items I should keep. I think this dress was the most overwhelmingly liked item of all the pieces I tried on. Not only is is lovely and fancy, but it's also so comfortable! 

After this 30 week mark, dresses are feeling so much nicer than pants! I can't wait until the weather gets slightly warmer and stays that way, so I can just live a pants-less pregnant life for my last couple of months!

In case you haven't been keeping up, our baby is due May 21st, and we've been told by our doctor, he's measuring really long. I'm getting bigger by the second, and his kicks are getting freaky-strong! We're so incredibly excited to meet him, and now that we're equipped with lots of baby gear, it makes it feel all that much more real. I can't wait to keep sharing maternity looks with you over the coming weeks, and the nursery design as we get the decor finished!

Sidenote: can I just mention that I love my bangs and feel like I don't like me without them, but geez, do they look stupid in the wind. I feel like I can go from profesh blogger to goofy 5-year-old in no time at all. 😂These photos are the best out of all of them I took wind-wise.

Check out my outfit details below, including similar dresses that are non-maternity as well!


Outfit Details: 
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