Mint Ruffle Swimsuit

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you probably know that I just got back from a trip to Pensacola Beach with friends. Four of us went in celebration of turning 30 this year, and we had a total blast. We were supposed to be barraged with storms every day, even a tropical storm on the last day, but we ended up being incredibly lucky with the weather. 

Not only was the weather gorgeous, but Pensacola Beach is a seriously wonderful place. It was beautiful and relaxing and if it looks like I'm the only person on the beach it's because it was anything but overcrowded. I may be a pale kid, but multiple rounds of heavy SPF a day helped me be a beach-lover, even if I spent most of my time under an umbrella. 

I took a few outfits I could hopefully shoot, but the weather was so nice, and my pals were so on board with my photoshoots, that we ended up shooting a ton of different swimsuits and outfits alike! So, here is part one of at least six of my looks from Pensacola Beach. I opted for serious retro vibes here for a look that was equally traditional and fresh. 

I've linked outfit details at the bottom!

Swimsuit Top (similar here and also in black)
Hat (similar)
Call of the Styled Blog


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