Dog Days of Summer

Not long ago, I was contacted by a local photographer, Reese Nicole, who asked if I wanted to do a photoshoot with my dog (also named Reese!) for National Dog Day today, and of course I jumped at the chance! Reese (the photographer) started her photography business not long ago, and it was really great to work with her. A furry model is not always the most cooperative, but she provided great direction when the pup was a little distracted by other dogs, and we made it work!

We hit up Loose Park, which is just a perfect spot for taking photos, even if there are other dogs that prove to be distracting in a pet photoshoot. 

So I totally didn't clash with my pup (lol), I went with a simple black and white look that I've been wearing a lot this summer. Polka dots are super hot right now, and I love the square neck of this tank, which makes it reminiscent of '90s days. I'm also loving this super versatile ruffle skirt that really dresses up any outfit more than your typical black skirt. 

Flatform sandals are my summer go-to because they match anything and they're so dang comfy! 

Now, a little bit about my favorite accessory, my pup! My husband and I adopted Reese as a 4 month old puppy from a shelter almost 6 years ago the week of Halloween. She's a Pomeranian-Chihuahua mix, though she looks like a yorkie (though her fur feels nothing like a yorkie!).  So, basically she's our little shelter mutt. Since we got her the week of Halloween and she's the color of a peanut butter cup, we thought Reese was the perfect name for her. Her adoptive name was Puff, so we moved that to her middle name, and she's officially Reese Puff. She has the most hilarious and quirky personality and she keeps us so entertained!

Again, be sure to check out Reese Nicole Photography if you're looking for some great photos of  any sort of life event. She also takes some great kids photos as well!

Do you have a dog? How photogenic are they, any better luck than me? Let me know in the comments!

Outfit Details:
Tank (similar)
Flatform Sandals (similar)
Earrings (similar)
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Puffy Pinstripes in Provence

Welcome to the next ensemble of my Provencal life! I. can. not. get. over. this. place.

Be sure to check out my other first Provence looks here and here and see Guide to 48 Hours in Provence here. As I mentioned, before the trip, I meticulously planned out all of my outfits based on the places were were going. This pinstripe top, with puffy sleeves a  square cut neck was giving me all the Beauty and the Beast vibes, and I knew it would be perfect in Provence since it's a fun trendy piece that incorporates elements of old world charm.

The second I had my sights set on a straw boater hat, I knew I wanted to take it to Provence and it honestly just "fit" so well. The hat came with a plastic insert to keep it's shape, so I was able to travel with the insert in the hat, and I stuffed my makeup bag in the insert to help keep it from collapsing. That ensured the hat didn't get crunched or smushed on our long journey to and from France.

I finished off the ensemble with a fun black ruffle midi skirt, which I'm finding to be so versatile this summer! It works in place of a basic black skirt, or as a statement piece a la dancing lady emoji.

This ensemble saw me through the Papal Palace and lavender fields in Avignon, Senanque Abbey in Gordes, and into dinner in Aix-en-Provence. It worked perfectly from small village to a city dinner, and it was so comfortable all day long.

Be sure to check in again soon to get more details on our trip around Provence, I'll do a whole guide of what you shouldn't miss when visiting!


Outfit Details:
Striped Top (less than $15!)
Platform Sandals (similar)

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Black Bows and Boater Hats in Provence

Welcome to Chapter 2 of my Proven├žal life! See my first Provence style post here and my Guide to 48 Hours in Provence here. All of these photos were taken around the grounds of the gorgeous hotel Cloitre Saint-Louis in Avignon. It was once a monastery, but has been remodeled into a lovely, spacious and modern hotel. The halls feel so grand and the courtyard in the center is filled with arched walkways, mossy fountains and trees that look like they've been there since before America was even founded.

The concierge at the front desk was lovely and we talked to her about the wine festival we were heading to, then asked her for a later evening dinner idea, and she sent us to a French-Asian fusion down the street, where they were already waiting for us with a reservation. We never would have chosen a place like that in Avignon, so it was really awesome to get that recommendation!

This was just a fun morning photoshoot we did before heading out for the day, but I couldn't resist rounding up these photos up for a post because the setting is so magical. Everything in Provence is magical, have I mentioned that yet? 

I feel like I don't have to keep rambling because these photos really speak for themselves, but I did want to point out that the dress I'm wearing is on sale 12 DOLLARS right now!! Yes, you read that right! So, peruse the pics and be sure to snag that dress that costs about the price of a cocktail.

Ugh, isn't it breathtaking? Living out real live Madeline dreams here.

Be sure to look out for my whole guide to 48 hours in Provence coming out next week!


Outfit Details:
Dress (on sale for $12!!!)
Straw Boater Hat (similar)
Platform Sandals (similar)
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Flowy Florals in Provence

Provence is SO DREAMY YOU GUYS. Between gorgeous rolling hills and Roman ruins everywhere, the slow pace of life, and quaint villages, it's seriously just like something you'd see in a movie. It straight up looks more like a storybook than an actual storybook. (Be sure to check out my Guide to 48 Hours in Provence here.)

We had only two full days to soak in as much as we could of Provence (two weeks would probably be a good amount of time there), but we got an amazing taste for the area that we'd love to return to someday.

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already got a peek at this gorgeous dress. It fit so perfectly into the Provencal landscape and architecture, and at one point my husband remarked that the color matched Roman ruins so well that it looked like I was a statue that was part of the building.

I wore this dress as we left Arles, where we stayed the night before, wore it in Nimes, where we got stuck in a torrential downpour (umbrellas can only do so much with strong sideways rain), donned it as we checked out the Pont du Gard, and ended with day exploring Avignon and attending a local wine festival. It was a cooler day so the long sleeves were perfect!

After the rain passed, and the sun came out, I paired the dress with a large sunhat, which honestly just elevates any outfit to level 11 in my opinion.

Be sure to stay tuned for my 48 Hours in Provence Guide, where I'll go more into detail on all the lovely landmarks and backgrounds featured here!! I can't wait to share more with you from this lovely region!


Outfit Details:
White Flatforms (similar)
Sunhat (similar)
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