Big News!

Well, you may have noticed I've been a little MIA here lately but I swear, it's for a good reason...I'm pregnant! We are expecting baby Heise to arrive in May of 2019!!!

We are so incredibly thankful and excited to dive into the next chapter of our lives as a family of 4! Reese is totally jazzed to be a little big sister as you can tell from her expression in, well, all the photos. ha!

Whew, it feels so good to get that out! I'm not sure if anyone else has this experience, but it's been driving me insane not telling people! From conspiring with bartenders to get you fake drinks to not letting it slip why you can't take headache meds, I've felt so deceitful over the past 3 months.

It's crazy because you can't tell anyone yet in the first trimester, but it's when you're feeling the crummiest. I'm hoping now with less nausea and this burst of energy everyone says is coming soon, I'll have the creative energy to amp up the blog again! (Like, uh, finally sharing photos from Paris, which I visited at the beginning of the summer!)

Not only can I already not wait to meet this little one, I'm also so excited to share pregnancy and maternity posts coming up, and I'm looking forward to get recommendations from all of you mamas as well!

A huge thank you to Amber Sammet for these gorgeous autumnal photos!!
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