Mint Ruffle Swimsuit

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you probably know that I just got back from a trip to Pensacola Beach with friends. Four of us went in celebration of turning 30 this year, and we had a total blast. We were supposed to be barraged with storms every day, even a tropical storm on the last day, but we ended up being incredibly lucky with the weather. 

Not only was the weather gorgeous, but Pensacola Beach is a seriously wonderful place. It was beautiful and relaxing and if it looks like I'm the only person on the beach it's because it was anything but overcrowded. I may be a pale kid, but multiple rounds of heavy SPF a day helped me be a beach-lover, even if I spent most of my time under an umbrella. 

I took a few outfits I could hopefully shoot, but the weather was so nice, and my pals were so on board with my photoshoots, that we ended up shooting a ton of different swimsuits and outfits alike! So, here is part one of at least six of my looks from Pensacola Beach. I opted for serious retro vibes here for a look that was equally traditional and fresh. 

I've linked outfit details at the bottom!

Swimsuit Top (similar here and also in black)
Hat (similar)
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KCMO Whole Foods Opening!

Though Whole Foods isn't new to the Kansas City area, the first one in KCMO opens today and I was lucky enough to get a behind-the-scenes peek at some of the amazing things this store has to offer.

My husband and I actually used to live about a block from the location when we first moved to Kansas City 2 years ago. We watched with excitement as building began more than a year ago. Last year, we moved out of the neighborhood, but drive by often notice how much closer it's been to opening. Well, that day has finally come, and we are so dang excited!

It's a grocery store, it's a bakery, it's a sushi shop, it's a deli, it's a restaurant, it's a cafe, the list goes on. The bar and restaurant area is so stylized and beautiful, my husband and I are already planning date nights to go back.

There's also an amazing beauty section with all kinds of wonderful organic skincare, yoga products, and more. In the food section of the grocery store, there are so many local KC brands featured on endcaps and high-traffic areas.

In the deli area we got to try out macarons, sushi, and more and meander through the bar and bakery area. We got to try out crab and shrimp from a crab boil, which they will also have on their opening day today and holy crab boil, it was so tasty.

Now, here's a little photo tour through some of what I got to experience right before the doors opened.

Long story short: grab ya kids, grab ya wife, and get yourself to Whole Foods KCMO. I already can't wait to go back and experience even more and I hope I'll see ya there!

Be sure to follow them on Instagram for updates on every local they've got going on!

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Plaza Vibes

Welcome back! Check out my first blog post to get the low-down on what you'll find here on Call of the Styled. Since I already mentioned that there will be a lot about Kansas City, I thought what better place to feature an outfit post than a KC mainstay, The Country Club Plaza. The plaza is a Spanish-inspired open-air shopping and dining district that's one of the larger neighborhoods of KC. 

Speaking of Spain, GUYS I'm heading there in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS!!!! (Please give me all your recommendations for Barcelona!) In the meantime, I'll give you the second-best Spanish-inspired surroundings I'm able: these plaza steps. Since it's graduation season, I may or may not have had to fight past hordes of recent high school grads for a spot on these steps to finally snap these photos. JK, there are three large flights of the stairs, so luckily, I was able to just head up far enough to be out of their photos. 

I thought a fun embroidered skirt would be perfect to feature on the plaza, and since it's such a busy pattern, I went with a basic flowy white top to balance it out. Fun bow slides are equal parts feminine and fun and these tassel earrings feel so Spanish, I would throw down for some tapas just looking at them. 

Again, if you've been to Barcelona, please let me know your favorite stops in the comments! When I went last time, I spent my time mostly checking out Gaudi's gorgeous architecture, and that will honestly probably be the case again this time, but I'd love ideas for drinks and food and whatever else!


Embroidered Skirt (similar here too)
Bow Slides (similar)
Yellow Tassel Earrings (similar)

Call of the Styled Blog

And so the Adventure Begins

Hello! Welcome to my brand-spankin' new blog: Call of the Styled. I'm so glad you're here.

It's looking a bit sparse here now, but don't worry, it will fill up with all kinds of fun posts soon.

Since this is the first post, I figure I should give you a little preview of what's to come. Call of the Styled will be about style (obvs). It will be about travel (lots of it soon!). It will be about good food and good drinks (mainly the stylish ones, whatever that means). It will be about design and interiors (again, lots and lots soon). It will also feature a lot of Kansas City, because that's where I call home.

If this is our first time meeting: hey there, I'm Molly. I'm a graphic designer who loves to play dress up on a daily basis. I love anything retro and colorful. I love living in KC with my husband (and photographer extraordinaire) and tiny adopted mutt, Reese. We're currently renovating our home to give it some serious mid-century modern vibes, so stay tuned for fun before-and-after pics of that.

This first outfit featured includes some of my very favorite things: florals, '80s style and culotte jeans.  I've linked all the items below in case you want to snag any of these pieces for your own.

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Outfit Details:
White Booties (similar)
Earrings (similar)
Fishnet Socks
Clutch-vintage gift from my pal Jodi
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