Black Bows and Boater Hats in Provence

Welcome to Chapter 2 of my Provençal life! See my first Provence style post here and my Guide to 48 Hours in Provence here. All of these photos were taken around the grounds of the gorgeous hotel Cloitre Saint-Louis in Avignon. It was once a monastery, but has been remodeled into a lovely, spacious and modern hotel. The halls feel so grand and the courtyard in the center is filled with arched walkways, mossy fountains and trees that look like they've been there since before America was even founded.

The concierge at the front desk was lovely and we talked to her about the wine festival we were heading to, then asked her for a later evening dinner idea, and she sent us to a French-Asian fusion down the street, where they were already waiting for us with a reservation. We never would have chosen a place like that in Avignon, so it was really awesome to get that recommendation!

This was just a fun morning photoshoot we did before heading out for the day, but I couldn't resist rounding up these photos up for a post because the setting is so magical. Everything in Provence is magical, have I mentioned that yet? 

I feel like I don't have to keep rambling because these photos really speak for themselves, but I did want to point out that the dress I'm wearing is on sale 12 DOLLARS right now!! Yes, you read that right! So, peruse the pics and be sure to snag that dress that costs about the price of a cocktail.

Ugh, isn't it breathtaking? Living out real live Madeline dreams here.

Be sure to look out for my whole guide to 48 hours in Provence coming out next week!


Outfit Details:
Dress (on sale for $12!!!)
Straw Boater Hat (similar)
Platform Sandals (similar)
Call of the Styled Blog

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