Orange Ruffles in Barcelona

I’m so hecking excited to finally be sharing photos from my Europe trip!! Our first stop was Barcelona, which was downright magical. I MEAN LOOK AT THIS LANDSCAPE. I’m planning to share a whole city guide with recommendations for you, but I wanted to share some outfit photos at this gorgeous location first.

I’ve had a few people ask me how on earth I packed for our 10-day trip. Did I have 2 huge suitcases? Was my bag busting open? Nope! What I did was look at what we were planning to do each day and coordinate my outfits ahead of time to match where we were planning to take photos each day. So, I wasn’t taking any spare clothes; everything was pretty perfectly planned out.

Each day, we began with guided tours, or hitting up monuments that we knew we really wanted to see and by lunchtime we’d typically finished all of our planned activities. At that point, we had a list of things we’d like to check out and those were dependent on where we were located, how much energy we had, and what sounded the most fun in the moment.

On our last full day in Barcelona, we took the funicular and cable car up Monjuic Hill to see Montjuic Castle and then hopped off halfway down to check out some of the gorgeous gardens in that area. That’s where we snapped these photos. The Jardins del Mirador were filled with lush vegetation and a cascading fountain with stepping stones, so it looked like you were walking on water! So this place wasn’t even on our list of places to hit, we just sort of wandered in.

It just so happened to work out perfectly that I thought this orange ruffle dress had a very Barcelona vibe to it and it popped on the lush green background like it was made to be photographed there.

We also found a dropped wallet after a group of school kids passed through, and in trying to speak in our broken Spanish and get the teacher’s attention, she freaked out and tried to grab the nearest kid towards her thinking we were total stranger danger bad news. After an exchange, she realized we were trying to get the money back to one of the kids, and one ran forward thrilled that we had found the money he and his friends had been searching for. What an event!

Also, I’d like to give a shoutout to Andy, my husband/photographer extraordinaire for this trip and for, uh, like every blog post. Here's a snapshot of him in action. He's the best. And the cutest.


Outfit Details:

Ruffle Dress (comes in other colors too!)
Silver Platform Shoes
Call of the Styled Blog

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  1. Do you offer packing consulting services? I'm really going to need help for our upcoming trip! You look great as always!