Seeing Spots in Barcelona

I'm so excited to be sharing more of my trip photos with you! Be sure to check out my first Barcelona outfit post here featuring a fun orange ruffled dress. For my other full day in Barcelona, I wore this polka dot jumpsuit and it was so comfy! I felt both casual and dressed up and I carried a scarf with me to cover my shoulders when entering Sagrada Familia (always take a scarf to Europe for entering cathedrals if you're taking sleeveless tops!).

The photo above is from our hotel, Retrome, the coolest hotel ever and ever amen. I'll get more into it on my next post, a guide to Barcelona, but you may also recognize it from the amazing tile photos I've been posting on Instagram.

This next set of photos was taken in Park Guell, a park designed entirely by Antoni Gaudi. Again, more on that soon! The rest of the photos include walking through side streets, the Arc de Triomf, and Sagrada Familia. 

As I mentioned in my last post, I meticulously planned out my outfits for each day before I packed for the trip, and I was so excited with how all of them turned out in photos. This rust-colored jumpsuit is so fun and trendy, but the orange hue blends in perfectly with nature, old world architecture and trendy new backgrounds alike. 

I also recommend a comfortable pair of flatform sandals for walking. We walked something like 10 miles this day and my feet never hurt. Part of the key to that is making sure you aren't wearing the same shoes two days in a row on a trip where you'll be walking a lot. But, I'll also get into more tips on that sort of thing in a Europe travel tips post coming soon! Until then, here are some snapshots of my jumpsuit in various places around the city!

See you back here for my 48 Hour Guide to Barcelona later this week!


Outifit Details:
Flatform Sandals (similar)
Scarf (similar)

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