Star Maternity Dress

I've honestly tried to choose mostly practical pieces to add to my maternity wardrobe, so I didn't end up spending an arm and a leg on statement clothes I couldn't rewear and rewear over the course of my pregnancy. But, sometimes when a dress is on sale, and it's on your Christmas wishlist (long before you really even look pregnant), and your mother-in-law spoils you with basically an entire maternity wardrobe, including this gem of a dress, you know it's meant to be.

And then, when, at your baby shower, there are these balloons, you know what you need to do. Put on this dress, and have a photoshoot, all while fighting chilly, windy weather. Your husband may tell you there is no way any of the photos probably even turned out well because the wind was beyond insane, but you have this magical dress on your side, and its magic defies all practical odds. (To be fair, in 90% of shots, the balloons were slapping me in the face, being blown to the ground, or silhouetted, so  you can't even tell what they are.)

I went for a super '20s style look, complete with a turban headband, and round glasses. The dress really reminded me of those black and white starlets perched on a big moon prop with their bob haircuts and dark lipstick, and I just went with it.

In other news, we've reached the LESS THAN TWO WEEK MARK until our baby is due, which is insaaaaane! The due date has been on our calendar for months and months (nine in fact), and it's always seemed so far off in the distance. Now here it is barreling right at our faces! I'm doing lots of planning and preparation, but mostly I'm already getting so emotional thinking about seeing his face for the first time. However, if it's anything like our sonograms and when we heard the heartbeat, I'll go in thinking I'm going to cry, but I just end up laughing I'm so happy. That's also what I did when we found out the gender. Annnnd on our wedding day. Tears? Nope, just crazy, happy laughter.

It will be so weird not to style over a huge ol' bump anymore, though I know I won't be right back to my old clothes for a while. I have a couple maternity looks left for you, so tune in the next couple of weeks for the final round of maternity style. Then you can gear up for some baby style coming your way! :)


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