Feeling Dotty with Isabella Oliver

If you know me, I'm a list-maker and a planner. It's how I do everything: a daily to-do list, a weekly to-do list, a running larger to-do list, and then I work to plan ahead as much as I can. Planning my maternity style posts was no exception! As I swelled up towards the end of my pregnancy, I decided I wanted to knock out style posts before I no longer felt like taking photos. Little did I know, our little man would be coming a couple of weeks early!

So, I'm in this in-between limbo of maternity posts and baby photos, but I hope you'll forgive the weird transition as we balance this together. Because I am SO EXCITED to share this dress from Isabella Oliver that was gifted to me, and soon became my all-time favorite maternity piece. Saving the best for last here.

The dress is so elegant yet simple and I got so many compliments every time I wore it, from work to a local fashion event, to a baby shower. I thought pairing it with a straw boater hat gave it a very European traveler look. Maybe it's because the company is British, or maybe it's because I wore this boater hat all over Europe on our vacation last year, but I'm getting major Euro vibes.

I especially love this dress because I think it will work well after maternity dressing as well! It took me a while to figure out what size to get, but I went with a size 1 (US size 4) and it fit like a glove, with plenty of room in the arms. (I swear one of the hardest things in pregnancy was gaining all the water weight towards the end and everything was tight in my armpits. I expected fat ankles, but armpits?! lol)

In a way it's kind of bittersweet concluding my maternity posts. You get so used to styling for a huge bump and now it's suddenly gone. I will say feel like a superhero because of the narrow spaces between parked cars, and small gaps I can squeeze between now without a huge belly!

You can be on the lookout for some postpartum styling and baby some baby style posts here soon too, once our little nugget finally grows into his newborn clothes (they're all a little loose now)!


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