Plaza Vibes

Welcome back! Check out my first blog post to get the low-down on what you'll find here on Call of the Styled. Since I already mentioned that there will be a lot about Kansas City, I thought what better place to feature an outfit post than a KC mainstay, The Country Club Plaza. The plaza is a Spanish-inspired open-air shopping and dining district that's one of the larger neighborhoods of KC. 

Speaking of Spain, GUYS I'm heading there in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS!!!! (Please give me all your recommendations for Barcelona!) In the meantime, I'll give you the second-best Spanish-inspired surroundings I'm able: these plaza steps. Since it's graduation season, I may or may not have had to fight past hordes of recent high school grads for a spot on these steps to finally snap these photos. JK, there are three large flights of the stairs, so luckily, I was able to just head up far enough to be out of their photos. 

I thought a fun embroidered skirt would be perfect to feature on the plaza, and since it's such a busy pattern, I went with a basic flowy white top to balance it out. Fun bow slides are equal parts feminine and fun and these tassel earrings feel so Spanish, I would throw down for some tapas just looking at them. 

Again, if you've been to Barcelona, please let me know your favorite stops in the comments! When I went last time, I spent my time mostly checking out Gaudi's gorgeous architecture, and that will honestly probably be the case again this time, but I'd love ideas for drinks and food and whatever else!


Embroidered Skirt (similar here too)
Bow Slides (similar)
Yellow Tassel Earrings (similar)

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  1. So jealous you get to go to Spain, and that skirt is perfect for it! I haven't been, so I'm no good for recommendations, but I'll definitely be following along. xo, Ana

    1. Ahh, thank you!! Well, I'm planning on taking so many photos maybe you'll feel like you're there!! :)