Navy Floral Maternity Dress

A couple of weeks ago, we had a seriously wonderful second baby shower with my hometown friends, who I have known for literal decades now (most over 20 years!). We are currently stocked with tons of diapers, lots of baby essentials, books, and basically a full wardrobe until our kid is 2 years old. But most importantly, we have felt such a sense of love, community, and support for both ourselves and our little guy already! It really is overwhelming in the best possible way.

 I am IN LOVE with this navy floral dress, and in my ASOS stories try-on on my Instagram, I think people voted for me to keep this dress more than any other item. I feel like it's super flattering for a big bump: it's not too clingy, or flowy, the sturdy material covers a lot, and makes you feel fancy all at the same time. (I've linked tons of my favorite similar maternity dresses and other blue floral dresses below!) It ended up being a chillier day, but I'd already had it planned that I was going to wear this dress, so sorry, Mother Nature, I just decided to totally ignore you and look like spring. Take that.

I now officially have less than a month until the baby is due, and it's crazy to think that I'm shifting from all of these maternity things (clothes, skincare, diet) to thinking about the labor and delivery process and then taking care of an actual real-live baby! It sounds silly, because women have done this billions of times, but it's just so wild to experience it firsthand. Everyone keeps telling me "this is the easy part" but honestly, as hard as what comes next will be, I also can't imagine how rewarding it must be.

Be sure to be on the lookout over the next couple of weeks for some other fun maternity looks I have planned. There's a pretty definite end on how long I can style a bump, so I'm trying to get all my favorite looks shot to share with you. And, if maternity style isn't your thing, well it will be over soon! ha!


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