My Funny Valentine

Did you make homemade valentines growing up? There's not much I loved more than my mom pulling out those craft boxes and getting to work making them for my entire class from scratch. From writing new "roses are red..." poems every year to painstakingly cutting out victorian characters and gluing them onto doilies, then onto folded red cardstock, making these unique creations were SO FUN. Basically every one had to be embellished with little pearls, glitter, little foam hearts or flowers.

That's kind of the approach I took with this outfit I put together: ruffles, sparkles, and lots of embellishments! Layer it on like you're a third grader doing crafts! I picked up a vintage metallic pleated maxi skirt and drop heart earrings on our recent trip to Tampa, and I knew immediately they'd be perfect styled for the holiday of love! 

I also love, love, love this frilly pink top, which is now too short for me to wear over my ever-growing bump with pants, but it works tucked into this super high-waisted skirt. Obviously, I needed a red beret, because berets are my life right now, and they add a fun trendy retro flair to anything. That's like the puffy heart embellishment atop the valentine that is my outfit.

nice red lip and pink-tinted sunglasses are just a nice added layer, like doilies and glitter. More is more here, people!

Oh, and white booties are my go-to for everything and I think are just so perfect and lovely for winter. 

Do you dress up for Valentine's Day? I definitely commit a whole week to decking myself out. If nothing else, it infuses a little fun into an otherwise dreary and cold month! 💕

And now, I leave you with this year's poem: 

Roses are red
My bump is growing
I love taking photos
When it is snowing

(I think I'm a little rusty, ha!)


Outfit Details: 
Top (similar)
Skirt (similar)
Red Beret (similar)
Earrings (similar)
Pink Sunglasses (similar)
White Booties (similar)
Red Lipstick

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